Queen Amila

Amila Turntable

Queen Amila

Originally had planned to complete this for the last Retrogasm, but life happened, like working with Reblika Studio! :D

Amila is from the game Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata. Goals for this project were to improve on what I had learned with Onneisha. IE. making the hair a higher quality, improving polycount, and texturing/shading. While I do feel that I have stepped up a little from Onneisha there still are weak areas in my work that I hope to improve on.

Finishing Amila was important to me because the past year I had gone through some really rough times, but ultimately learning that these hard times are fleeting and wont last forever. You have to keep pushing forward because life keeps going on.

Huge thanks to https://www.artstation.com/fareed for giving me feedback and coaching me through building this somewhat insane rig. Also for being a great friend during the rough times.

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