Gunpowder Horn & Beaded Shoulder Strap

Julie beliveau screenshot007
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Julie beliveau low poly horn presentation

Low Poly

Julie beliveau high poly horn presentation

High Poly

Julie beliveau maps presentation


Gunpowder Horn & Beaded Shoulder Strap

This project was largely centered around material expression as well as tackling a few obstacles such as the woven beading in the shoulder strap and baking it into a game ready asset.

The beaded shoulder strap in particular was the more challenging component of this project as I had built the high poly mesh as it would be constructed in the real world and baked it via Marmoset / Substance Painter.

Loads of fun, and I learned so much while making this.
I hope to soon write or make a video tutorial to help others with the tedious process of bead work and baking!

This project is based off of an artifact displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A Native American, possibly Penobscot Powder horn which can be found here: