Dragon Swords

Julie beliveau celest guard view
Julie beliveau celest both view
Julie beliveau celest dragon view
Julie beliveau celest filigree view
Julie beliveau celest topo view
Julie beliveau swords of a celestial maps

Dragon Swords

Created from Grafit Studio's Celestial Commander for Onneisha, whose depicted using these really stellar blades. I chose to deviate slightly from the original concept by going with a engraved floral pattern on the flat sides of the blade.

Each blade is 7,378 in Tris.

The floral pattern was obtained from here: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/flower-pattern-set_3529895.htm where I converted to an alpha and used zbrush noisemaker to mask in the details and offset.

A huge thanks to Fareed Nagy William for keeping me going and giving me the best crit support I could ask for. You rock.