Elf Commander Onneisha - Real-Time Character

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Onneisha Turntable

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I've been selected as a finalist in the Rookies 2019!

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Elf Commander Onneisha - Real-Time Character

This is my first ever fully completed real-time character!
I joined up with Game Art Institute's August 2018 bootcamp where I first created my Gunpowder Horn and started really heavily learning about the asset creation pipeline for games.
For my concept I chose Onneisha from Kings of the Realm, art by Grafit Studio.

While the concept is pretty stunning on its own, I did incorporate some of my own design into the character, particularly changing up the chest plate, back plate and duster. I kept her style mostly the same, but called upon more typical 'elven' styles.

A huge thanks to:
Game Art Institute - Character Artist Bootcamp
My mentors: Marcin Klicki & Ryan Kingslien
Most Importantly: Fareed Nagy William for helping me solve a lot of technical issues, being a trooper and great friend! GOSH THANKS.
Rene-Pierre Audet for also letting me bounce knowledge and ideas off of him and Tomas Tagesson for lighting crits.

Rookies Finalist!